Jennifer Vatavu       Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I picked up a jar of your skin cream at a shop on Queen East. Amazing.  I do a lot of outdoor activities. So after a day of dirt, sweat and wind (I try to avoid the sun) it's something soothing to put on.  But the BIG win is that it is the first natural product  that I have found for my 10 year old daughter was has eczema.  No fragrance, not greasy = no complaints when I put it on her face.  She already goes to it on her own.  Thanks for sharing your product.  Will be ordering more.                                                                                               Jenn


Rachel Pines           Brisbane, Australia

I love to use Bev's Naturals skin cream on my cuticles after doing my nails.  It also works really well as a lip balm on dry wintery days when nothing will soothe my chapped lips. Bev's Naturals is a lovely-smelling balm that leaves my skin feeling plumped and smooth.  I highly recommend it.                                                                                   Rachel


Deborah Neal     Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

Thank you for this great product.  I have eczema on my hands and face sometimes, but Bev's Naturals Cream has kept it at bay, and my skin is so soft.  My boyfriend says I smell like sugary donuts.  This is an awesome product.                                   Deborah