Welcome to Bev's Naturals

We believe you will adore this gently fragrant and moisturizing skin cream, created from nine all-natural ingredients. Bev's Naturals is guaranteed to make your skin soft and silky. What's more, it is a powerful salve for eczema and psoriasis. It is a cuticle cream as well, an effective scalp cream, an excellent lip balm, and a remarkable healer for blemishes, irritations, itches and rashes of all kinds.  This product is made by the family of Beverly Pines, chef and homeopath, in honour of her life, and her wonderful healing skills. She "invented" this skin cream for her own sensitive skin, but as she perfected it, we began to bottle it and share it with others. 

We hope it works for you and those you love. 


Matt Pines, Sherlise Lavin              

(husband and niece of the late Beverly Pines)